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Refresh Plastics offers a diverse range of plastic bottles, containers and jars for the beer, wine and beverage industries. It also offers water tanks, caravan tanks, jerrycans, watering cans, vehicle parts, etc. It has its own range of best-selling Ampi activity toys.

Refresh Plastics is the Asia Pacific distributor of Dolium one-way PET kegs from Belgium. This has many applications including in the beer, wine and beverage industries.

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Refresh Plastics would not stop at just producing and providing our best quality plastic products to our customers. We are now starting to promote our products online. Please come and shop now.

Why Choose Us

  • A specialist blow moulding company, we are able to supply a wide range of plastic products.
  • We are committed to quality, customer service and competitive pricing. 
  • More importantly Refresh Plastics is an environmentally conscious company, and we are committed to recycling all possible plastic waste.
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5 Important Reasons To Buy Ampi Activity Toys


Resistant To The Elements, Making Them Last Longer.


Sturdy, Reducing The Risk Of Tipping Over And Causing Injury.


Only Toy Grade, Non Toxic Materials Used And Must Pass Strict Quality Standards.


Vibrant Non Fading Colours, That Are Guanranteed for 4 Years U.V. Resistant. Lasts The Length Of The Children’s Play Years.


Activity Climber, Activity Play House And Play Gym Are All Inter-connectable With Each Other Using Our Latest Development Extension Kit And Flexible Corners