About Us

Refresh Plastics Pty Ltd acquired Ampi Plastics on 15 May 2017. Ampi Plastics started on 15 June 1976 with 1 employee and 2 small machines in a small garage. It has since grew to where it is today.
Refresh Plastics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eneco Refresh Ltd, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:ERG). 
It offers a diverse range of plastic bottles, containers and jars for the beer, wine and beverage industries. It also offers water tanks, caravan tanks, jerrycans, watering cans, vehicle parts, etc. It has its own range of best-selling Ampi activity toys. 
Refresh Plastics is the Asia Pacific distributor of Dolium one-way PET kegs from Belgium. This has many applications including in the beer, wine and beverage industries.

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